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B.O.C. Music Artist/ Songwriter


The sour smell of cannabis hits your nose, haze streaks the space between you and your friends like smoky galaxies, the vibe is bona fide, and the music? Well, reach for any of D. Mikey's releases. 

Timeless—that’s Mikey’s one word describing what he wants his music to be. Bump it in the car while you’re stuck in the pleasant Seattle traffic, slip it on when you get home to burn one, or jam before you cause mayhem on a Friday night.

The solo artist, Derrick, is from a little town called Oak Harbor, although you’ve probably never heard of it. It doesn’t matter much; the islander has made Seattle his home where he’s managed to become a part of B.O.C. Music and collaborate with its members.

You see, B.O.C. took a chance on Mikey’s smooth sound and lyricism coupled with his hard work and dedication to the team. As of now, D. Mikey has multiple projects out on all major platforms ranging from solo albums to a joint project that elevated Mikey's artistry. 

The Central Washington University graduate draws inspiration from the likes of Outkast and Curren$y, borrowing the golden era sound and blurry vibes from his love of R&B.

In between classes at Central, Mikey decided to get real about music, releasing two solo projects called Reigny Daze and Hazey Thoughts.

Students tuning in to 88.1 The Burg, the college radio station, caught Mikey’s bops. Now, you may hear his smooth delivery over radio waves in Seattle and in clubs and local bars. 

You’ll find most of his music is about smoking— make sure to ask him to roll you one because seeing is believing—but in reality the lyrics are dipped in double entendres, laced with emotion and filled with feelings.

After listening to the album make sure to wander into one of Mikey’s events. He’ll crack a joke or two onstage before hopping off of it to kick it with the crowd. Say hi when you bump into him around Seattle supporting his beloved artists, just make sure to bring something to light up. 

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